A checkpoint failure Use of a deprecated TimesTen feature Truncation of some data Execution of a recovery process upon connect You should always include code that checks for warnings, as they can indicate application problems. Example Synchronous detection of automatic client failover. TimesTen does not support multiple open ResultSet objects per statement. The type of DSN you create depends on whether your application connects directly to the database or connects by a client. Ma nually committing or rolling back changes If autocommit is disabled, you must use the Connection method commit to manually commit transactions, or the rollback method to roll back changes. Example Prepared statement for querying This example shows the basics of an executeQuery call on a PreparedStatement object. Cl ob The position method, which returns the position where a specified character pattern or CLOB pattern begins, is not supported.

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Execute the ttRepSubscriberWait built-in procedure at the TimesTen database that has not been defragmented ttdb1with the database name and host of the defragmented database ttdb2 as input parameters. Access control privileges are checked both when SQL is prepared and when it is executed in tijesten database, with most of the performance cost coming at prepare time. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

This example shows the basics of an executeQuery call on a PreparedStatement object.


A private synonym cannot have the same name as a table or other object in the same schema. TimesTen provides the ttOptSetFlag built-in procedure for setting various flags, including the PassThrough flag to temporarily set the passthrough level.

Oracle mode, where multiple occurrences of the same parameter name are considered to be distinct parameters. This method creates an instance of the TimesTen driver and registers it with the driver manager.

On Windows, you cannot use a mapped drive letter in the database path name. The example in this section shows how to perform an online defragmentation with an active standby pair replication scheme where the active database is ttdb1 and the standby database is ttdb2.

Timesten – JDBC [Gerardnico]

This enables a TimesTen extension that establishes prefetch on a connection level so that all of the statements on the connection use the same prefetch setting. There is no batch support for DML returning. In order to perform the database defragmentation on the active database, switch the roles of the active and standby database. When fatal errors occur, TimesTen performs the full cleanup and recovery procedure: Otherwise, the behavior is indeterminate.

New methods in the TimesTenConnection interface This interface specifies the methods addConnectionEventListener and removeConnectionEventListener to register or remove, respectively, a client failover event listener. Use the StatementPreparedStatementor CallableStatement method close to close a statement you have finished using it.

These files are used internally by TimesTen for maintaining logs.

It must be a primitive type. Each row in a table has a unique identifier known as its rowid.

Timesten – JDBC

In this case, the invalidated database exists in memory until all user processes close their connections. TimesTen does not support holdable cursors. All LOB objects are invalidated after a commit or rollback, whether explicit or implicit.


Destroy and re-create the new standby Tlmesten and recreate the new standby using ttRepAdmin -duplicate from the new active.

An application can register a user-defined client failover event listener, which is notified of each event that occurs during the process of a failover. Placing the transaction log files and checkpoint files on different disks can improve system throughput.

Assume a Connection instance conn. Set connection attributes in your ODBC. For example, using the following SQL syntax in a Java application may not produce the intended results: The syntax is described in “ODBC. No uncommitted or rolled back transactions are reflected.

INI file assume their default value. Connection conn; CallableStatement cstmt; ResultSet cursor; Setting a timeout value for SQL statements Setting a threshold value for SQL statements The former is to set a timeout, where if the timeout duration is reached, the statement stops executing timmesten an error is thrown. In the Oracle mode, multiple occurrences of the same parameter name in a SQL statement are considered to be different parameters.

TimesTen Statement Statement Provides capabilities for specifying a query threshold.