AZ1 comments, 1 good , 0 mixed , 0 poor. Leave this field blank. I bought this burner end of april The second rating between the is a normal average rating. Write quality is good with firmware 2. I exchanged it for a new one, got the same results.

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Backed up on 1 movie and 1 PS2 Game without any problems. Sony branded dvd-r on 4x burns would pixel upand freeze on jvc-xv44 dvd player!! The second rating between song is a normal average rating. So much for compatibility. But that’s where the similarity ends. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

Middle of august the first SCSI target errors “no calibration”. I’ve been using the Sony DRU a as a reader and writer for longer than that and it’s still working great.

Review: Sony DRUA 8x DVD Burner – ExtremeTech

Comments posted by femi from Austria, December 24, Twitter’s Ad Sales Surge. Comments posted by Jim from United States, October 13, Boasting competitive performance, top-notch setup tools, and a low price, it’s a well-designed product with no major dru-530s. M01 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor.


R03 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. It was hit and miss at first, then found nomorecosters. Installing our test unit and learning to use its bundled software was a snap. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

I have had this burner for about a year. With the right programs, this writer is excellent.

Sony DRU-530A

More information about text formats. Guess I need a new computer. I’ve had the a installed for about dfu-530a months now. The latest firmware 2. AZ1 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. Protected Disc Tests 7.

I’ve had this writer for about 7 months now. Sounds more like Sony has the problem. CD Recording Tests 9. Rated this writer 1 of For someone going through a burner every 6 months, I think you’re placing the blame dru-530w the wrong place. This drive is fussy. I just got it back a second time and it still doesn’t work.

Sony DRUA |

I went through 3 drives in the first move. Looks like the CD laser crapped out.


I got rid of it and went for the Pioneer in the end. Can got it here: I have had this drive for nigh on year and a half now.