I am happy with my purchase. Show More Show Less. The rear features only two inputs: The monitor’s on-screen menus are fairly intuitive and the auto-adjustment feature worked well, but the use of black-on-black front-panel control buttons is a bad choice, as they are very difficult to read. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Bloggers and computer enthusiasts alike appreciate the style, clarity, and performance of the Samsung N. Gamers and people using it to watch videos may appreciate the faster pixel-response time.

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Samsung N – Back View

Well, except maybe for samsung 915n wide screen version of this panel. I don’t get streaking like I used to with my old 25ms lcd monitor. The display also includes mounts for a VESA arm.

There are no speakers. MagicTune also supplies test screens to calibrate the N’s colors. The 4 th damsung samsung 915n adjustment for the onscreen menu. Wireless Power Is Coming.

Samsung SyncMaster N review: Samsung SyncMaster N – CNET

The Good Simple setup; accurate colors; fast pixel-response rate; low price; sturdy. Instead my intentions samsung 915n to borrow it from Zeus for a week to take to Fragapalooza Canada’s largest gaming event. The buttons are well designed and tend to blend in well, maybe too well.

samsung 915n

The Samsung Samdung N has samsung 915n lickety-split pixel-response rate of 4ms, which helps it create detailed, crisp-looking game backgrounds pixel-response time is a key feature to look for in gaming LCDsbut it fails to samsung 915n the N a great screen for DVD viewing. Why don’t their products work together yet? I would guess-timate that samsung 915n is similar to a 12ms TN panel in this regard, since IPS panels do not show quite the same increase in response times when comparing black to white transitions to samsung 915n subtle black to grey or grey to grey transitions as the TN panels do and even more so VA panels, which really suffer in this area.


Within MagicTune, there are four MagicBright preset brightness levels to choose from: Dell’s SDG samsung 915n gaming monitor delivers on high refresh rates and Nvidia features. Introduction Just last week, we took a look at a display that almost had the workings of the next great LCD, but came up short on price and performance. Fastest Mobile Samsung 915n Samsung SyncMaster N 9115n I was very pleased to see this setting included in samsung 915n menu since I run my displays quite dim generally and they often appear washed out.

Gamers and people using it to watch videos may appreciate the faster samsung 915n time. As I sit here writing code for my directx keyboard handler, I keep reminding samsung 915n that I’m not supposed to like LCD monitors. Bloggers and computer enthusiasts alike appreciate the style, clarity, and performance of samsujg Samsung N. The Best PC Games.

This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. The increased resolution of a 19″ makes a big difference in ease of computer use as well.

This panel is used in LCDs from other manufacturers, as well. I especially like that last samusng. I samsung 915n admit that I did not intend on reviewing this samsung 915n originally.


Samsung SyncMaster 915N: 8ms Response Times

Aside samsung 915n its three performance-enhancing utilities–MagicBright, MagicTune, and MagicSpeed–the N has no extras at all, not even a digital input.

Samsung 915n becomes easy to fall prey to benchmarks that measure response times in only certain scenarios, which is why all of our reviews use comprehensive real world comparisons between all of our displays to set the playing field level.

My text on my old CRT looks very blurry after using this monitor for just 5 minutes. The analog Samsung SyncMaster N comes cloaked in black samsung 915n a set of six buttons tucked into the lower right-hand corner. Viewing-angle performance was disappointing, as samusng monitor samsung 915n significant loss of sharpness and brightness and experienced color shifting at 45 degrees vertically and horizontallysimilar to what one would expect from a laptop display.

Samsung SyncMaster 915N 19″ LCD Monitor

You can quickly set the sharpness, color balance, and contrast samsung 915n perfection since the Samsung N has ssmsung controls. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Since each users viewing preferences will be different, Samsung has included a samsung 915n of controls to help you get the most from your viewing experience.