There are no extra ones when the card is there. Looking at the card in more detail, I see a chip with the following written on it: No such file or directory At first I was worried about that, but mine works so I’m no longer worried. Let me know if there’s anything else I can provide you with. The suspicious part in dmest is this Code: Anyway, on the CD there’s a directory with all the code needed to install this driver. Hi, I have just bought a serial port card for my desktop.

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Anyway, on the CD there’s a directory with all the code needed to install this driver. They compiled and installed fine but after a reboot I get this message. I’ll be happy to see if I can help you out.

help with building mcs driver – Page 2

Try the attached drivers. The second card isn’t in there right now so we don’t have that distraction. Probably a better idea to start with that then. linx

Any thoughts on how to disable serial ports entirely on my machine? Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? EMC appears to start, but no signals ever appear on the parallel port the motors don’t turn.


MCS9865 — PCI to Multi IO (2S+1P, 2P, ISA) Controller

Then in that directory are files like mcs All you have to do is use “make” and then “insmod” and then you’re done, or alternatively use “make install”. I am having trouble getting past the 2 on the board. If I compare the output of lspci with and without the card inserted, then with the card inserted I get the following three extra lines: As you can see on the website, the manufacturer says that it’s compatible with Linux.

I hadn’t yet seen dblade’s reply where he says his patch will fix it. On mine, ttyS0,1,2,3 are labeled as cables 3,4,5,6 respectively while ttyD0,1 are labeled as cables 1,2 respectively.

MCS – ASIX Electronics Corporation

Hopefully this will give me what I need to be able to proceed. I don’t use Debian, however both posters to this thread may find some useful information in another thread I took part in a while back.

NetMos Technology Device Subsystem: A better way to test it is probably to use the command cu which comes in packages with names like uucp. Any pointers would be much appreciated, and maybe this will help the next guy too.


I’m pretty new to linud, so I’m trying to understand what I am missing.

Want to know if mcs99865 peripheral is compatible with Linux? Last edited by dblade; at Let me know if there’s anything else I can provide you with. NetMos Technology Device lspci -v for these three lines with the card installed is: The time now is Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. Try the patch in post 9.

Index of /drivers/PCI To Parallel& Serial Port/MCS9865/Linux

I have a similar card mcs98655 is detected as serial port, probably on this chip. Here is my dmsg grep: I should have updated this before.

What were the drivers version? That sound even better. How do I enable more uarts on karmic?