Thank you for your guide! The maplin units are a branded wh unit so any which are based on that for the wh would work — if pywws supports it then it should work. These weather stations, in their various brands, are obviously becoming popular. Presence on this list or absence from it does not mean I recommend or not the software. Yes it is but also how usb is supported in pywws had changed as well since then, mainly making usb more stable. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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I sawed a single slit, about an inch long, in the end of the tube. During the summer of the rain easyweathwr stopped detecting any rain. Hello, I installed successfully pywws on my Rasp. Excellent article — managed to install and get working upto the point of data coming into pi with the command testweathersation— Data comes in but when I try to move to data it creates a weather.

To ussb out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It should output a hexdump of the raw data from the station.


Take a look at part 3 here: All is connected with Wifi dongle uab my website http: Twitter is slightly trickier but once done works well also.

For this usage it is usefull to get one file with all the data in. Half way down is the rain sensor.

Weather Station Software

Someone has already done that using a radio receiver attached to gpio bypassing the console. The generated File could be analyzed there: How close is your pi to the receiver?

The error implies that Cython. I’ve mounted the anemometer usv an extension mast, to reduce any effect its turbulence has on the wind vane.

Fitting the alternative mast was quite simple.

Please forgive my simple question. In May I finally replaced the thin, rusty mast described above. First we need to install some dependencies: It has a short list of uses for the RPi and links right back to here when it mentions ditial weather-stations.

Raspberry Pi – Was genau ist das? This is unusual in using dark coloured plastic for all parts, including the sun shield!

In the end I had to compile Cython and have been working through your fantastic tutorial! How do I change the library path as mentioned by Jordan and Jay R Also how to change the path to libusb. Presence on this list or absence from it does not mean I recommend or easyweathdr the software.


Weather station

Make that change then save. Thanks for spotting that. I got it working earlier this easyweathwr using additional instructions given here https: Thursday, May 15, I have changed the libusb Nice little project i can work on with my son. I can also translate data to and from the EasyWeather.

Installing a USB Weather Station on a Raspberry PI Part 1

Notify me of new comments via email. These weather stations, in their various brands, are obviously becoming popular. Within a few months of installation the new mast is beginning to discolour from rust, and I suspect it might not last the winter.