Where can I find calibration certificates for my instrument? How long can I operate my power supply at full power? What does the check mark on the E Series rear-panel label mean? Why is the RS interface not working? Why is this so?

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Does Keysight offer a power product with analog input programming and polarity reversal relays? How do I change the power-line voltage setting for an E series power supply?

Can I connect the labveiw leads without connecting the output leads? Can I mount my power supply in a test rack that is tilted at an angle?

How do power supply capabilities impact throughput performance? Why is my unit displaying a negative current when it should not be sinking current? Can I run an E series power supply continuously and if so, are there any limitations to how long I can leave the unit turned on?

Why is the transient response of the basic E Series faster than the N Series? What happens if the remote sense lines open? Do the EA power supplies have fan cooling?

Can Keysight power supplies be programmed from 0 to full output voltage using a 0 to 10 V signal source? What does temperature coefficient mean? How do I restore my E power supply to the lxbview default settings? What does Error mean?


How do I rack mount EA power supplies?

What is the difference between setting accuracy, programming accuracy, measurement accuracy, and front panel accuracy? What is the output voltage of the E series when first turning on lsbview power switch?

Agilent E364X Series Power Supply

Do Keysight power supplies support CAN bus? Are Keysight power products tested for IP2X compliance? Can I connect DC power supplies in series or in parallel e3640 obtain higher currents or voltages? Can the E series power supplies sink current like a load?

How can I eliminate the flashing single digit in the front-panel display? Can I feed current back into my E series power supply? Why is the RS interface not working?

Can I use my unit in a corrosive environment? How long is the calibration time interval on the E series power supplies? What does drift mean?

BFFA with the hpeA getting start example – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Are there any limitations with automating a power supply e3640q Linux? For the ExA and ExA Bench Power Supply, the display update speed when the “Display Limit” function is on is different from the display update speed when the function is off.


What is the temperature range for EA series programming, readback and meter accuracy specifications? Can damage occur to my power supply if I exceed the remote sense voltage drop specification when remote sensing?

Do Keysight power supplies support RS communication port? How do I output a negative voltage?

EA 30W Power Supply, 8V, 3A or 20V, A | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

What is the procedure for accurately measuring the value of a resistor using the E series? How do I determine how fast a step my power supply can make?

How high can the outputs of the EA series be floated? Why is the voltage at the output of the power supply higher than what I programmed?