Using the CL for fun, or as a spare portable keyboard is best. When typing on the CL, the responsiveness is pretty dead-on. With the USB cable plugged in, the slightest nudge on the cable moves the device, moving the keyboard display dramatically. The antenna used for this transmitter must not be co-located or operated in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter. Determined by color on the attached sticker.

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Celluon CL – Tiny device that projects a full-size keyboard – SlashGear

Remove all objects on the surface between the device celluon cl850 the keyboard. Compact size convenient to carry.

This equipment may generate celluon cl850 use radiofrequency energy. This icon Figure How to Adjust Key Sensitivity 1. Includes function and shortcut icon keys. This celluon cl850 Figure 6. Robust and durable, uses optical technologies Bluetooth and serial port interface connections.

When typing on the CL, the responsiveness is pretty dead-on. Change the Wakeup Response settings to adjust the speed celluon cl850 switching between Standby and normal mode, as shown in Figure The CL is really small and very light. Administrator Source Exif Data: This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.


Celluon cl850 icon Figure 8.

Projector Normal Adjust the keyboard brightness using the slider for the Projector Normal setting, as shown in Figure 14 Figure Verify that sufficient battery power is supplied to the Projection Keyboard device 2.

Follow the on-screen instructions. Celluon cl850 device is not charged. celluon cl850

The antenna used for this celluon cl850 must not be co-located or operated in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio Frequency energy and, if celluon cl850 installed and used in accordance with the celpuon, may communications.

Lasers look different on black or white surfaces.

Adjusting Key Sensitivity The Projection Keyboard celluon cl850 key input based on the amount of celluon cl850 reflected from the finger. My first test with the CL was to turn it on in an unforgiving environment.

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Celluon CL850 – Tiny device that projects a full-size keyboard

It works in Windows without a need celluon cl850 the driver CD. I took care to set the shutter of my camera and white balance to capture exactly celuon it looks like. Avoid direct sunlight or high levels celluon cl850 infrared rays. These settings enable the user to adjust key repeat, celouon sound celluon cl850 key sensitivity.


Since the perceived amount of light changes depending on the surrounding environment, key sensitivity should be set according to userspecific conditions.

The photo below is just about exactly what the CL looks like in normal indoor daylight.

Celluon Laserkey CL850 Bluetooth Wireless Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

Connect device to computer via cable. Celluon cl850 Notice This product does not any materials specified harmful to the human body. Charge the battery fully. Obviously, there is no way to perform any celuon with a laser and the stair-stepping effect is less visible in person.

To turn off celluon cl850 sound, click the keyboard sound button once; click again to turn it back on, as shown in Celluon cl850 7. Select Projection Keyboard from the options, as shown in Figure 4.

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