About every audio application has such an option and the desktop control panel is only for those few that do not. Superstom PRO Infinity Member since billymiller, strange that you did managed to set it up that way, while advanced soundcard configuration is not available in the demo version? Check the ‘Always Resample Time code is limited to 1 deck and only for 5 minutes. Ewout Inviato Mon 14 Aug 06 This is especially true for consumer grade stuff, where you can be assured that the drivers shipped with it are most likely ‘consumer grade’ as well.

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Check the MIDI settings of your host application! ASIO4ALL reports to the application the latency it adds to the audio stream, but some applications chose to ignore the return values of the ASIOgetLatencies function and use a rather naive calculation instead. Inviato Mon 14 Aug 06 I really can’t think of anything else This site uses cookies. Anyone else run into this?


More often than not, starting the driver fails because the audio device is already in use.

I tried that once again Saturday morning. I’ve never read about it being a problem with audio before.

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Do you already have an account? The minimum best case timing resolution in Win2k and XP is one millisecond.

Ewout Inviato Mon 14 Aug 06 THX for the info I havent tried this Audigy 2 yet, I will be playing guitar later so I will check it then I can’t configure it properly. Yes, my password is: Will it work on my system with an XXX audio card and what kind of latency figures can I expect?

The lower asoi4all latency the better, obviously. Is the download broken? Something to try on your own is to check your hardware manufacturer’s Web site for driver updates and make sure you have the latest service pack installed for your OS.

A model-specific issue maybe? Why does it not work with Win98 Gold? I don’t use other drivers than which cames with my soundcard.

ASIO4ALL with kX 24/96

This is entirely beyond any driver control. Inviato Wed 09 Aug 06 4: I have received quite a number of these kind offers from people. No need to fiddle with the DSP settings at all. The OS you use allows for two different driver models: As a last resort, check the “Force 16 Bit Samples” option in the control panel.


VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – ASIO Timecode – Dual SBLive running Kx Drivers

I think anything below the 10ms mark is considered “realtime” anyway, becasue you wouldn’t be able to hear the delay. Inviato Wed 09 Aug 06 7: For a further explanation on this issue, I recommend this link. The aslo4all rate is always grayed out if the control panel is launched from the desktop, this is per design. If it still doesn’t work, report! Don’t listen to or trust Creative.